Made with love

Special Dog Company was born in February 2001 in the city of Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, São Paulo State. Thanks to the desire to feed cats and dogs high quality food with the affection they deserve, the company quickly became one of the largest industries in the business in Brazil. 

Setting the standard for combining the excellence of its products and services with appreciation for its employees, Special Dog Company is constantly recognized as one of the Best Companies to Work For in Brazil and Latin America. Currently, the brand operates in more than 38 thousand points of sale in 7 Brazilian states, in addition to exporting to 13 countries.



Building a better world for everyone, starting with our family.

This is why we value the growth and development of socio-environmental campaigns and projects, encouraging citizenship action among our employees and partners, expanding our contribution in cultural, sports, social and environmental matters.

Cultural Center

The Special Dog Cultural Center was created in 2014 with the goal of integrating culture and learning. It is a non-profit organization, located in the city of Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo in São Paulo.Designed by partners Erik and Mário Manfrim, the project takes place in a 19th century facility that has been restored to develop art and showcase culture to its visitors.


We aim to present actions that contribute to the prosperity of society and the environment through a positive change in people's behavior and the practice of conscious capitalism.

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Social Actions

The goal of Special Dog Company's “Núcleo Social” is to centralize the services for employees and all activities related to social actions. Currently, the department has two consultants, one focused on the company's social actions and another one focused on the employees and their families, tackling financial education as one of the main topics addressed.

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To do high-quality work in the production and delivery of safe food for pets.


To be a reference company in terms of product and service quality, employee wellbeing and the relationship with stakeholders.


Appreciation and Engagement — People are the ones who make the difference and who make everything possible. We value our employees and we believe that, when committed, they perform their activities in the best way possible. Thus, we help them become the protagonists of their lives.

Ethics — We act in an honest, transparent and responsible way and we believe that ethical behaviors govern our attitudes in the society in which we live.

Relationships — It is only good for us if it is good for everyone.We are people serving people, and we always seek excellence.

Sustainability — We seek to be transforming agents in our community and influence other entities, companies and people to do the same. We promote sustainable practices and join forces with those who want a better world for future generations.

Continuity — We seek the continuity of our business. We place collective objectives above individual desires and we achieve positive results by saving resources, searching for new business opportunities and innovations in our daily lives.

Integrated Management Policy

Special Dog develops, produces and sells pet food, it also operates in the national and international market through a strategic and sustainable management that adds value to the business based on the risk mindset. It aims to ensure food safety, meet legal requirements and other requirements applicable to the integrated management system. It also seeks to ensure customer satisfaction, value employees and the community in which it operates, encourage participation and interactive communication, promote environmental protection and environmental impact reduction, in addition to continuously improve processes, prevent injuries and occupational diseases, as well as establishing the adequate working conditions in relation to the risks existing in each activity.

1. Developing, producing and marketing food
2. Ensuring Food Safety
3. Complying with legal requirements
4. Satisfying customers
5. Valuing the Employees and the Community
6. Protecting the Environment and reducing environmental impact
7. Seeking continuous improvement of processes
8. Encouraging participation and interactive communication
9. Preventing occupational injuries and diseases
10. Controlling activity risks


To attest to the quality standard of Special Dog Company, the enterprise has internationally recognized certifications that prove its excellence.

The scope of the Integrated Management System entails “the design, development, manufacture and marketing of pet food (balanced dog and cat food, dry or wet).”