Guided by the concepts of Conscious Capitalism and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the UN, Special Dog Company acknowledges its responsibility to society and the environment and, therefore, ensures that the economic development of its activities is linked to social justice, environmental preservation and the promotion of culture.


Composting System

All organic waste generated by our cafeteria becomes compost and is transformed into fertilizer through a process of natural decomposition. To close the cycle of sustainability, this fertilizer is used in the company's vegetable gardens, which in turn supply the cafeteria with vegetables. This way, we stop sending more than 25 tons of waste to landfills annually.

Solid and Effluent Waste Management

We apply the concept of Circular Economy, promoting the reuse and/or recycling of 98.5% of our solid waste. As for the effluents, they are properly treated in our modern effluent treatment station (ETS) through physicochemical and biological processes, achieving an efficiency of over 90%. We constantly work to reduce waste generation and improve indicators through awareness and the application of new technologies in processes.

Sustainability Week

For us, sustainability is more than a set of practices, it is a value. Thus, we constantly seek to keep our internal public and our employees updated on the subject. During Sustainability Week, which we hold annually, we educate and inspire others through workshops, lectures and training, engaging our team in this purpose.

Used Cooking Oil Collection Campaign

Besides reducing the environmental impact resulting from the incorrect disposal of this type of waste, the company aims to transform our employees into agents of awareness through their engagement with their families and communities. We have already collected and allocated for recycling more than 5 tons of oil.

Don't hoard. Recycle.

In partnership with the City Hall, we put recycling bins in schools, public buildings and commercial points to collect used batteries. More than 2 tons of this material have already been correctly disposed of.

Environmental Regeneration Projects

We support the NGO Rio Pardo Vivo in environmental restoration projects. Through the planting of trees and water spring restorations, we seek to ensure the supply of water to the affluents of the Rio Pardo. More than 23,000 trees were planted and 10 million seeds were dispersed using ultralight aircrafts.

Umbrella Project

With capacity to store up to 1.5 million liters of rainwater, the project replaces the use of drinking water with rainwater in secondary activities such as washing trucks and external patios, irrigation and toilet flushing. Launched in 2016, the project has already saved more than 24 million liters of drinking water and currently has an average saving of 1 million liters per month.

Turminha Special Dog

The comic Turminha Special Dog project seeks to contribute to the prosperity of society through socio-environmental education and invests on changes in behavior through awareness and sensitization. Each semester, the project benefits 15,000 children from public and private schools in 9 municipalities in the region of Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo, and reaches another 20,000 children through our commercial representatives in 7 Brazilian states.


It started in October 2015 with the aim of centralizing services for employees and all activities related to social actions, events, gatherings and commemorative dates.

Currently, the Social Center has two consultants, one focused on the company's social actions and another one focused on the employees and their families regarding the topic of Financial Education.

We are always trying to improve the projects and these are some of the ones that we have developed:

Social Support

Specialized service that ensures employees feel welcome and heard by qualified people who offer support, guidance and referrals according to their needs. In specific cases, it works jointly with several sectors of the company.

All Blue Program

Its goal is to help employees and their families understand family budgets and planning. With information and guidance, they can develop the values and skills needed to become more aware of opportunities and risks, make choices and know where to seek help, adopting other actions that improve their well-being. The program has the support of specialized financial education consultants and offers tools to enable, mobilize and empower all those involved in the process to overcome their financial challenges, fulfill dreams and build a sustainable relationship with their economy.

Voluntary Care

It encourages volunteering as a form of growth and of building relationships with our community, having as main focuses the education of children and teenagers, social assistance, animal welfare and sustainability.

Social Investment

Training of Managers of the Municipal Network of Early Childhood Education of Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo in partnership with the Avisa Lá Institute in São Paulo, which seeks to help improve the quality of early childhood education in the municipality.

Cultural Center

The Special Dog Cultural Center was created in 2014 with the goal of integrating culture and learning.It is a non-profit organization, located in the city of Santa Cruz do Rio Pardo in São Paulo.Designed by partners Erik and Mário Manfrim, the project takes place in a 19th century facility that has been restored to develop art and showcase culture to its visitors.